Support blog for all victims/survivors of sexual assault, molestation, incest, domestic violence and abusive relationships.

Any asks or submissions sent to us regarding false accusations will not be posted or responded to. This is a safe haven for people who have been through trauma and we want to avoid causing undue stress - doubt is not welcome here.

Trigger warning can (and should) be assumed for all content, please don't hesitate to ask if there's something specific you'd like tagged.


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    I don’t know where this infographic is coming from or for what part of the world it speaks of, but men are the majority...
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    How about those DOJ statistics? Oh, wait, they’re based on self-reporting and the legal definitions of rape. Y’know,...
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    Except did they even bother to read that third link, which is well sourced and very thorough in walking the reader...
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    Considering the CDC definition only accepts penetration as rape, ignoring many male and female victims of rape- that...
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    The first two links are broken (404, though I’m not sure if that may be related to my current country of residence), the...
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    While I can agree that the 10% is likely minimal, your source is working off of social implications and statistics to...
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